A Guide to Peformance Skills

for musicians, choirs and others who perform in front of an audience

Cover A Guide to Performance Skills

I would like to announce my book!

Making the most beautiful sound in the world — that’s what it’s all about for musicians. That is their profession, their hobby and their passion. But when you step on stage, you discover there is far more involved in your contact with the audience. The more you know about this, the clearer the form you can give to a performance. You can reflect on your presentation and take decisions about it, and you can practice it or take classes in it.

In this book, ‘performance skills’ refers first and foremost to your general presence and your communication when you come on stage, make music, make an announcement and receive applause. For choirs, the book then goes on to describe how – still in a standard choir formation – you can clearly convey the meaning of singing. These principles are also of interest to musicians when making short announcements during their performance. Although the book is written with musicians and choirs in mind, it will probably interest other people as well, such as storytellers, people giving lectures or speeches, and teachers preparing their pupils for musical evenings.

Walter Roozendaal
A Guide to Peformance Skills (for musicians, choirs and others who perform in front of an audience)
1st edition in English, Alkmaar 2018, Muze Muzette, based on the 2nd Dutch edition
Translated from the Dutch by: Pond Translations, www.pondtranslations.nl
ISBN 978-0-244-68339-9

Order at Lulu Press, Inc: http://www.lulu.com/shop/walter-roozendaal/a-guide-to-performance-skills/paperback/product-23619193.html
On this page you can read the first section of the book online (the contents, the introduction and the complete first chapter). Just click on ‘preview’ below the illustration of the book.
And you can read two reviews here.

Walter RoozendaalAbout the author

Walter Roozendaal started his career as a teacher, dancing folk dances and playing folk music, in training teachers of world dance.
In the meantime, he trained at the Academy for Expression through Word and Gesture, in Utrecht, which was the first academy for theatre teachers and directors in the Netherlands.
This was followed by a refresher course at the Netherlands Mime Centre and an advanced course with the director Arend Hauer.

Walter Roozendaal has been teaching and directing at the conservatories of Hilversum and Amsterdam since 1983. He has also worked a lot with theatre groups and choirs. He has directed storytellers, music theatre, and school performances and concerts, and trained directors of youth music theatre.

Since 1998, he has been performing under the name Muze Muzette as a teller of folk stories, accompanying them with hundreds of folk tunes on his accordion. He also performs with Klezmertrio Di Grine Medine.

For thirty years, he has guided cultural educational policy in schools as a theatre consultant and programmed youth theatre, school concerts and artists in the classroom, after having worked himself as a project teacher and educational coach in all sorts of education. He teaches drama on the teachers’ training course at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.